Key Concepts


Professional Site/Depot Location Modelling Solution

Pro-Locate is a custom built, BESPOKE distribution network modelling solution.

It takes "Real" client data and infrastructure and can answer questions such as:

  • How many sites do i need?
  • Where should my sites be located?
  • What size do my sites need to be now, and in the future?
  • If I move my sites what is the impact on cost and service?
  • Do i have the right resources deployed at my sites?

The solution runs through distribution networks end to end analysing current models and can be used to produce an optimal network proposal.

It balances the fixed, semi-variable and variable site and transport costs. Allows potential futures to be introduced ensuring capital expenditure investment is protected.

Solutions produced are tailored to specific clients requirements and expectations. We find this element particularly valuable to our clients as they are not buying "Off the shelf" they are buying a solution representing their "True to life" situation not a one size fits all approach.

The client is involved from the conceptual meeting right though to final results delivery. They can chose to have as much or as little involvement as they wish.

The output results are "Real" potential savings, not guess work. Triway can report and show actual network breakdowns right down to individual person/vehicle/depot level to fine tune the final proposal documents.

This solution operates as a consultancy service not a stand alone software program.

How Does Pro-Locate Work?

Pro-Locate makes use of the most accurate data available to a clients business, their own sales, inventory and purchasing data supported by population data, where available.


A benchmarking exercise is undertaken of the clients current business infrastructure in conjunction with a green field / utopia scenario comparison, this defines the benefits band/scale. From this point Inbound and Outbound operational flows / route paths are determined and assigned using bespoke heuristic algorithms within the modelling program. Once assigned further algorithms allocate optimal site locations, and additional variable site locations for comparison. Surrounding areas are considered to measure the implications of moving from the proposed optimal location in any given specified direction, with "Real" cost determination shown to allow for budget proposals.

Acurate staffing and vehicle costs are achieved by using client fed P&L information and for proposals exact road mileage is used.

How Flexible is Pro-Locate?

For a start Pro-Locate is a unique to client solution, designed with the client for the client.

  • No limitations on what can be modelled, dependent on configuration and data.
  • Client specific "REAL" costcubes, built using client detailed P&L and FD support.
  • Infinate variables on resource allocation (people, vehicles, sub-depots etc).
  • Complete validation at each and every stage of the process.
  • Defined Scope and Service agreement prior to commencement.
  • Full APMBoK Project management methodology used.

The only limitations are those set by the client.

What Does Pro-Locate Look Like?

Typically the solution is represented as a GUI front end as shown below:

Triway can present thier results in any client required format typically graphical and mapped:

Results are also commonly shown in tabulated form (not shown).

So What Does Pro-Locate Actually Delivery for the Client ?

  • Clarification of current operational model cost and effectiveness.
  • Visibility of proposed operational model cost and effectiveness.
  • Ability to make subtle or significant infrastructure changes and understand operational impact on both cost and service.
  • Infinate possibilities for "What if" scenario modelling (as agreed in scope).
  • Areas of priority identified based on service or cost impact.
  • Fully supports strategic change and business case generation.

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