Key Concepts


PRO-ROUTE is a bespoke consultation led software solution.

PRO-ROUTE is suited to all industry verticals where event driven routes are undertaken (distribution, logistics, service, engineering, sales etc).

Triway have a simplified "off the shelf" version of the PRO-ROUTE product called PRO-ROUTE LITE which is suitable for small to medium business' who require a proactive approach to route planning and job scheduling. It is therefore more applicable to a large cross-sector of business' and will increase profitability and reduce costs through:

- reduction of transport costs of between 5 - 20%
- reduce exposure to overtime
- improve driver productivity
- give visibility of bottlenecks
- allow consolidation of visits / deliveries
- simplify daily task management

PRO-ROUTE LITE is available OTS as a stand alone product, if a client would like to integrate the PRO-ROUTE LITE solution into thier own I.T. systems that would be subject to further negotiation and defined within a pre-sales scope meeting between Triway and the client.

The automation and optimisation of the routing process saves time and money. As well as economic advantage, this generates options for:

- Managing last minute visits / orders / deliveries
- optimising internal resources in other areas
- simplifying the transport planning
- refining the B2C service / distribution process

Both PRO-ROUTE products will take into acount :

- Both client and customer constraints (hours, loading, brief, debrief, time windows etc)
- Social constraints (hours, specific areas etc)
- Physical constraints (availability, capacity, volume, and vehicle capability and access)
- Road travel constraints
- other specified business restrictions

This should mean that YOU can delivery the right items / services at the right time in the right place consistently to maximise customer satisfaction and minimse cost.

PRO-ROUTE will have a clear and intuitive dashboard. Functions will be clearly defined and set out specifically to be user friendly. Routes can be planned at a local, regional or national level if the correct data is available for upload into the solution. Road speeds, road types, client set delays will all be client defined variables to allow for any eventuality including road works, accidents, maintenance and congestion at a local knowledge level.

PRO-ROUTE is designed to be simple to use and completely configurable within a very short timeframe.

It will save you both time and money, so give us a call for a free demonstration and introduction to the PRO-ROUTE products.